Imports International (T) limited Celebrated its 18th Anniversary

Imports International (T) limited, recently celebrated its 18th Anniversary on Friday 12th Mrch 2021 and the Managing Director, Mr Trushal Jethwa had this to say:

“IITL started as a very small trading company 18 years ago in a tiny office space underneath a staircase in a small yard. It has grown to become a big importer and distributor of Gypsum based building materials and a range of other products. We thought it fitting to celebrate this achievement today, as we have been faced with unprecedented challenges in the last two years and it is only by the hard work and dedication of staff, the support of customers and the commitment from our partners that we are able to commemorate this day. In a complex and ever changing environment it is important to be innovative and adapt to change. Through this difficult time we have also learned that we cannot keep doing to same thing and expect different results. To build a great company, a company needs to have a great corporate culture. A culture of inclusion, professionalism, support, fun, creativity, development, transparency and a comfortable work space

We acknowledge that a company’s greatest assets are its employees and we want to let everyone know just how valued they are. Thank you for being a part of this business”

IITL, also announced that the business will adopt an ophanage, women shelter or centre for the disabled as part of its future CSR innitiatives.

To commemorate this day, the company revamped Its logo to signal a new dawn and willingness to change and provide innovative solutions, while still delivering quality products from world renowned brands at and affordable price with exceptional service to match.

Take a look at the corporate video below and a few snaps from the celebration under our Gallery.

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